How Towing Service Near Me Louisville Resolved A Complex Mathematical Algorithm

Advertising is big business in America. The old adage, know your customer has never been more applicable. Understanding population densities, user patterns and other seemingly obscure demographic data in any given specific market can provide advertisers with the edge they need to get their products name and brand out there!

By better understanding a community, sometimes correlating databases, we at the Population 1 Analysis Group provide our clients with proprietary information they could not obtain from anyone else.

We give them that special edge, the advantage they seek. Enter Towing Service Near Me Louisville ( and soon you’ll read how and why.

Let There Be Light

In the United States, the best correlate for population comes not from the census, but from satellite photos taken at night.

That’s right! The amount of illumination seen over populated areas makes pretty much speaks for itself.

If you were a car dealer and wanted to know certain specifics about who you might be able to sell a car to, the light alone would not be much help.

This is why we use a variety of mathematical formulas to gather specialized facts from databases and other sources.

From our work in Florida with the Professional Wreckers Of Florida association, we realized there was a direct correlate between tow truck activity and car buyers.

Sure, it needed some additional data from elsewhere to factor in but a direct relationship existed that had long been hidden. In order to work for our new clients in Louisville, we needed to find the best tow truck service in the area and make a deal.

Without too much effort, we immediately recognized Towing Service Near Me Louisville was the leading the industry in the region with more tows, servicing more peripheral locations around the metroplex and receiving lots and lots of good feedback on Yelp and other sites that offered customer reviews.

How It Works

We’re going to tell you almost everything. Enough for you to get the idea but not enough our competitors to steal our proprietary secrets.

We didn’t need to know any of the names of clients of Towing Service Near Me Louisville. We only sought to know the make and model of their cars and the approximate GPS location where the car was picked up, all things their dispatch has readily available.

While coordinating with DOT records of the number of passing cars on various highways and some additional database information, we were able to calculate many special kinds of things.

If Towing Service Near Me Louisville had only served just Louisville, the process might not have worked so well. Because they also service places like Anchorage, Indian Hills, Hurstbourne, Crestwood, Windy Hills, Barbourmeade, Prospect and a few more, it expanded the data we had to work with.

Because they also perform jobs like changing tires and opening up locked cars, this too provided insight.

Finally, since part of their services include picking up junk cars, we really got lot’s of data to sift through and correlate.

Statistics tell us that while some of you readers may have never had to have a car towed in your life, many more have needed towing. It could be once or twice in a decade or for those with problematic cars, once or twice a year.

These variables are taken into account. Did you know that people who need their cars towed or experience other kinds of car problems are statistically at a higher percentage of those likely to soon purchase a new car?

These are things local dealers want to know. It is also possible to predict what model and how much money they are seeking to spend for the car along with several other factors.

The Testing and the Results

We patiently gathered information from Towing Service Near Me Louisville for a period of six months.

They are a busy company and we got lots of data. The lists we created about the whereabouts of their trucks even made them look at their own operation in a new light.

Their dispatchers are so good at the company that it’s hard to believe they could do it any better, but they did come up with some special new protocols. Our client was thrilled with the information we discovered which enhanced their advertising success by geo-targeting their demographic audience.

They increased their sales by nearly 20%. It was all due to properly using information about towing from Towing Service Near Me Louisville!